Just a few highlights of Drive-Thru Tree Park
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The Rambling Rosenthals You will notice all of the roads in the Park are dirt roads, they are paved with "nature's speed bumps". Please heed the 5 mile an hour speed limit. If you drive slower you can enjoy the beauty and varied plants, or you might catch a glimpse of the deer hiding alongside the road.

Along the "In-Road" is an opening in the tree canopy creating the filtered sunlight which is needed to grow the three-foot tall sword ferns, giant horsetails (ancient survivors of the Paleozoic Era) or to help a redwood seedling begin it's journey toward the sky.

The creek which passes under the road provides the moisture needed by the plants that proliferate in this sunfilled fairyland. Springs inside the Park provide ponds for giant bullfrogs, as well as watering holes and resting spots for the varied wildlife.

Through the tall trees you spy blue sky, you are about to enter the meadow where the Drive-Thru Tree awaits you. Here you find parking, picnic tables, rest rooms, and gift shop. To the right of the Drive-Thru Tree is a large meadow where tour buses, motorhomes and larger vehicles will find ample parking.

Trails into the Park begin here. The picnic area behind the gift shop has a view of the duck pond which provides a welcome resting spot for the migrating ducks and geese who stop by on their long journeys.

Visit our photo gallery for some of the views inside the park.

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